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Save the Pygmy Sloths!


This petition was started by my religion teacher not very long ago. It concerns an endangered species of sloths, called Pygmy sloths. In 2001, the breed was counted to have about 500 members. In 2012, the official count was down to the 70s. It turns out that local fishermen visit the island seasonally, and instead of eating the profitable fish, choose to kill and eat the pygmy sloths.

If she reaches 100,000 signatures, the next step is to contact ANAM (similar to the US’s EPA) and work to preserve the remaining members of the species. This is so important and I implore you all to sign!


I think the best part of being a woman is the sexual security that we have. I mean like even a straight woman could know that she’s not interested in women, but she can still sit on another girl’s lap and hold her hand and maybe even kiss her if they were that close. If two guys even make eye contact with each other they have to screech “NO HOMO” at the top of their lungs to make sure everybody knows that they are not gay. 






Apparently you can’t have problems if you’re not a starving African child.

Apparently you can’t have problems if your parents are still together.

Apparently you can’t have problems if you’re a white girl

or if you’re a heterosexual male

Apparently you can’t have problems if you get good grades.

Apparently you can’t have problems unless someone else justifies them.

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